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Since 1989, ANTOS has pioneered Sustainability and Environmental awareness, now common in the Healthcare industry. Our foresight and success stimulated the many movements we find today including ‘Health Care Without Harm’ and ‘Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (H2E),’ which then became 'Practice Green Health.' We are the recipient of the prestigious "Champions for Change" award and a Founding Champion of H2E.

Our track record in the healthcare industry translates well into other industries. We can help you with process analysis, waste reduction strategies, cost-saving initiatives, education and much more. There are very few industries with environmental issues as complicated and sensitive as those of healthcare. Hospitals today take their environmental responsibilities seriously, from carefully managing waste streams to reducing their carbon footprint. Antos Environmental provides unbiased expertise and experience that clients can rely on.

We are skilled at measuring a hospital’s environmental impact, and at implementing systems that achieve environmental objectives and save money. Our contribution is real and it’s measurable.

Some of the healthcare organizations we have worked with include:

  • Mount Sinai Health System, NY

  • Baptist Health, South Florida

  • Baptist Jacksonville, FL

  • Mission Health, NC

  • Kennedy Health, NJ

  • Christiana Care Health System, DE

  • Lahey Clinic, MA

  • The MED, TN

  • Doctors' Health System, PR


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Through over 25 years of business, we have worked with many prestigious Universities driving sustainability and environmentalism within a nurturing ecosystem which allows for growth. Students and millennials have notoriously been passionate about the environment and are more receptive and adaptive to behavioral changes that will positively impact the institution and its footprint.

Some of the Universities we have worked with include:

  • Yale, CT

  • Ichan School of Medicine, NY

  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, PA

  • University of Miami, FL

  • Columbia, NY

  • NYU, NY

  • Cornell, NY

  • Brookdale University Hospital, NY

  • Robert Wood University Hospital, NJ

  • Jersey Shore University Hospital, NJ

We campaign to promote source reduction driving towards zero waste. If Subaru can build cars with zero landfill waste so can a school, a hotel, a supermarket, a government, a country. We firmly believe the students are at the center of the solution for the future of sustainable living and planetary survival.


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Over these last 30 years, our work has taken us around the globe. We've discovered that our rising population, with its advanced technologies and intelligence, has not solved something as basic as 'what to do with our waste', or more importantly, why are we still creating waste? For the most part, we still bury it in landfills; out of sight/out of mind still applies. The 'Fresh Kills' landfill on Staten Island NY is the largest thing man has ever made since the beginning of time. It's larger than the China Wall. There is nothing bigger on this planet. Why do we think that is OK?

Global Warming is no longer a possibility, it is a reality; it has become a threat to our continued existence.

While our work has been primarily focused on organizational development we have helped many municipalities evolve (including the EPA of Shanghi China). By default, we end up at county landfills shocked by their primitive methods; 'drop and cover' is just not acceptable, especially not on the side of 95 in Florida!

So our work expands... We help the landfill owners develop a new business: recycling!!

Now we are in Puerto Rico helping the people of the island take care of their natural resources. We've worked closely with regulatory agencies to develop new legislation around proper waste management and are now implementing these changes within the communities. Sure, we are helping the hospitals and health systems but we are exploring ways to educate the children, locals, farmers, hotels and many more - helping them understand there is only one Puerto Rico and it is precious!

Cultural Transformation

Systems are only as effective as the people that execute them. Antos has put a large amount of resources into hospital employee education. The goal of this education is to encourage staff members to take ownership of the sustainability programs implemented in their hospital, from proper segregation of waste to promoting interest in green initiatives. Through this staff education and program implantation, Antos initiates a cultural transformation within the hospital.

By providing management to lead change, working with hospital leaders to create policies and procedures, and by supporting the hospital staff with educators and education materials, Antos helps build a culture that is committed to environmental sustainability and whose organization's members are actively involved in the programs that support this goal.

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Antos has been instrumental in helping us reduce our regulated medical waste volumes and, more importantly, have helped us to sustain these reductions with ongoing education to our staff in key areas. They are part of the culture at Mount Sinai and are recognized as a true asset in establishing and achieving our sustainability initiatives.

Paul Killion Senior Director, Building Services The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY

Waste Cost Management

Alongside this process, Antos works with the organization to build a tailored program to reduce their environmental impact by:

  • Minimizing Waste Volume and Associated Costs
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reprocessing
  • LEED Design Assessment
  • Implementing Comprehensive Recycling 
  • Contamination Management / Eliminating Toxic Materials
  • Creating a new culture within the hospital to support these environmental initiatives

Sustainable Strategies & Compliance

Apart from the operational aspects of implementing these initiatives, it's equally important to plan for long-term success and avoid compliance issues, to achieve this Antos provides:

  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental Policy and Processes
  • HIPPA Compliance Check
  • OSHA Compliance Check
  • Vendor Management / Contracting
  • Environmental Purchasing Advisory
  • Education and Reinforcement