Antos Reusable Sharps Containers

Industrial Sharps Management Solution

Installed on-site

Operated by Environmental Services or Antos personnel.


Proven Training

As always, Antos Educators will ensure proper staff training to effectively and safely manage this new sharps program.


Additional Features

Ventless Washer Technology

Two-Style large opening with restricted hand access

Puncture and leak proof structure

Tamper proof locks

Overfill protection & notification

Manufactured to reduce injury risk


Two Sizes Available

Industrial Sharps reusable container washer

Industrial (Large)

Stainless Steal Manifold

Dual Stage Rinse Feature

High Temperature Rack Conveyor

120 Racks per hour / 480 covers / 360 containers

Sharps resuable container washer

Ventless Steam Washer (Medium)

Heat Recovery Technology (significant cost reduction)

Dual Stage Rinse Feature

High Temperature & Water Pressure

60 Racks per hour / 240 covers / 180 containers


"An innovative new way to manage your Sharps
with the same Antos Promise"


Until now there have only been two options available when it comes to Sharps Management:

Disposable Sharps Containers

Single-Use Containers

Not Environmentally Friendly

Costly to dispose in Red Bag

Inventory Issue

Poorly Manufactured

Reusable Sharps Conatiner

Reusable Containers

Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured for Safety


Various Options Available


Better Solution, Less Money

Reusable containers offer a better solution, but contracting a disposal company for a “Sharps Management Program” could  actually be more expensive than the single-use alternative.


Safer and Cleaner

Case studies have shown that a high percentage of containers under these programs can carry bacterial and viral contamination, posing an infection control risk.


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