About the Founder

Tony Schifano, Founder and CEO of Antos Environmental, started his career in healthcare. His dedication and commitment to this industry began in the late 1970's. While working in a NYC hospital in the mid 80's he witnessed a unique moment in time, a perfect storm of events; the AIDS Epidemic, syringes & medical waste debris washing up on the shores of beaches, Dept of Sanitation workers getting punctured with needles at the landfill, and the CDC reacting with Universal Precautions. This created an unprecedented increase in medical waste volume never before seen in the history of the industry. Tony, led by an entrepreneurial spirit, quickly began a medical waste disposal company and began helping hospitals dispose of this enormous waste volume. However, he soon realized the potential savings through better waste management and started thinking of the internal management strategies which launched Antos in 1989. One of the first 'green-minded' waste reduction management companies, committed to reducing hospital waste and its associated costs, while developing a culture committed to sustainability at every level of the organization. For over 25 years Tony and his team have clearly defined this creative and innovative path that has set a mandate for living and business.