Antos works directly with hospitals' waste disposal haulers, reviewing contracts and proposals to ensure the hospital is receiving the best waste removal services.

Cultural Transformation

Systems are only as effective as the people that execute them. Antos has put a large amount of resources into hospital employee education. The goal of this education is to encourage staff members to take ownership of the sustainability programs implemented in their hospital, from proper segregation of waste butterfly | to promoting interest in green initiatives. Through this staff education and program implantation, Antos initiates a cultural transformation within the hospital.

By providing management to lead change, working with hospital leaders to create policies and procedures, and by supporting the hospital staff with educators and education materials, Antos helps build a culture that is committed to environmental sustainability and whose organization's members are actively involved in the programs that support this goal.

Waste Cost Management:

Alongside this process, Antos works with the hospital, building tailored program to reduce their carbon footprint by:

  • Reducing waste volume and associated costs
  • Supporting the use of sustainable supplies
  • Composting of organic waste
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Implementing comprehensive recycling systems
  • Eliminating toxic materials
  • Creating a new culture within the hospital to support these environmental initiatives