Meet our new client: Doctors Center Health, Puerto Rico

Doctors Center, Hospital, Puerto Rico

Doctors' Center is a 5 Hospital Health System located throughout Puerto Rico (Manatí, San Juan, Bayamon, Carolina & Aricibo). This organization has been established for over 58 years, primarily operating in General Medical and Surgical Care.

With increasing obstacles surrounding waste management on the island (landfills shut down, increasing costs, etc.) Doctors Center Health partnered with Antos Environmental in an effort to decrease waste stream generation and do their part to protect the natural resources. 

Since contract start in 2016, the project is well underway and we have already cut medical waste volumes by more than 50% at the main facility in Manatí, as we are just getting started in San Juan & Bayamon! They are now ready to implement a comprehensive recycling program and we are currently assisting with an RFP process for the health system to improve service and cultivate a contract that may achieve our ambitious sustainability goals! 


September 6th, 2017