Meet our new client: Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center

Brookdale Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

Brookdale is located in the heart of Brooklyn and offers a great opportunity for ANTOS to partner and continue making an impact in the New York market on our sustainability initiatives. 

This startup comes at a crucial time for Brookdale as the city is pushing it's new "Zero Waste" agenda (which we applaud), requiring all NYC businesses to have an organized recycling program in place. ANTOS has been avidly working with waste haulers to establish the resources required and set up a program that is convenient and makes sense for these inner city facilities. With the deadline coming up, we are moving quickly as a team to implement the recycling program and have just secured a new contract with Royal Waste which will enable us to more efficiently manage waste reduction programs. 

Antos will provide the education and solutions necessary with a goal of recycling more than 25% of the waste stream within the first 18 months of the partnership!

We are looking forward to great project development in the coming months!

July 20th, 2017