Meet our new client: Auxilio Mutuo, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Auxilio Mutuo, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Auxilio Mutuo is Antos' first client in the Caribbean and is located in the capital of Puerto Rico; San Juan. Auxilio is a large well respected facility on the island but is facing many obstacles regarding local regulations and process improvement within the hospital.

Auxilio Mutuo as a facility has zero capacity to recycle and has been shackled to antiquated regulations regarding regulated medical waste. All of these issues have resulted in exorbitant waste handling costs. Hoping to be a champion of environmental change on the island of Puerto Rico, Auxilio knew that a partnership with Antos was the only answer to such a multi-facetted endeavor.

With Antos' help the facility will create cultural and process changes to enable recycling as well as efficient and compliant handling of all regulated waste streams. Administration and staff in Auxilio are very cooperative and incentivized and the Antos team is excited at tackling the project.

August 30th, 2017