Green is Good Radio Broadcast - Live Interview with Antos Founder/President, Tony Schifano

Reducing the Healthcare System's Carbon Footprint with Antos Environmental's Tony Schifano

Meet our new client:
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia PA

Facing the complexity of a large campus with several locations within Center City, Philadelphia, as well as outlying areas Jefferson struggled with creating processes necessary to create continuity and efficiency with their sustainability efforts. Jefferson partnered with Antos Environmental to create a unique Sustainability initiative for Jefferson University Hospitals.

Meet our new client:
South Shore, South Weymouth, MA

South Shore located in South Weymouth Massachusetts is an exciting new piece of business for Antos.

Meet our new client:
Auxilio Mutuo, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Auxilio Mutuo is Antos' first client in the Caribbean and is located in the capital of Puerto Rico; San Juan. Auxilio is a large well respected facility on the island but is facing many obstacles regarding local regulations and process improvement within the hospital.