Over these last 30 years, our work has taken us around the globe. We've discovered that our rising population, with its advanced technologies and intelligence, has not solved something as basic as 'what to do with our garbage', or more importantly, why are we still making garbage? For the most part, we still bury it in landfills; out of sight/out of mind still applies. The 'Fresh Kills' landfill on Staten Island NY is the largest thing man has ever made since the beginning of time. It's larger than the China Wall. There is nothing bigger on this planet. Why do we think that is OK?

Global Warming is no longer a possibility, it is a reality; it has become a threat to our continued existence.

While our work has been primarily in the healthcare sector we have helped many municipalities evolve. By default, we end up at county landfills shocked by their primitive methods; 'drop and cover' is just not acceptable, especially not on the side of 95 in Florida!

So our work expands.

We help the landfill owners develop a new business: recycling!!

We educate the schools and the communities; the markets, the hotels, - we campaign to promote source reduction driving towards zero waste. If Subaru can build cars with zero landfill waste so can a school, a hotel, a supermarket, a government, a country.

We've done this in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, CT, Mississippi, Texas....and many other places around the globe.

Now we are in Puerto Rico helping the people of the island take care of their island. Sure, we are already helping the hospitals and health systems but we are exploring ways to educate the children, reach out to the people, the hotels, the farmers, - helping them understand there is only one Puerto Rico and it is precious.